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After-Sales Service

  • Professional Service Team
  • 7×24 Technical Support
  • Quick Response
  • Customized Service Plan
Following the service concept of “Customer Orientation”, GH TURBINE provides  professional, high-quality and efficient service solutions, including on-site service, spare parts supply, routine maintenance, troubleshooting, technical training, remote health management and experts support , LTSA, etc. GH TURBINE continuously improves the efficiency and reliability of equipment and optimizes the operation cost throughout the life-cycle of gas turbines

Technical Services

  • Technical Supervision of Installation and Commissioning;
  • Routine Maintenance;
  • Core engine exchange;
  • Modification;
  • VR Remote Technical Support

Spare Parts Supply

  • Daily operation and maintenance
  • Routine maintenance
  • Emergency spares
  • Reserve of capital spares.


GH TURBINE provides customers with customized and flexible long-term service. Currently, GH TURBINE has been awarded orders by group customers such as CNOOC and China Resources Power, etc..

Remote Health Management and Experts Support System

GH TURBINE has remote diagnosis and expert support system(TES) of gas turbine, which digitally enables the health management of core engine, predicts the overall health trend, monitors and guides the operation of units, optimizes process control, improves the safety level of gas turbine operation, and reduces the maintenance cost of gas turbine. In event of any failure occurs, remote fault diagnosis can be performed through network expert consultation to minimize maintenance period. Meanwhile, the system can quantify the economic indicator of the set, reduce operation energy consumption, and improve overall economy.

Currently, Remote health management service of equipment is being provided for approximately 130 sets domestically and abroad for customers such as CNOOC, CNPC, China Resources Power, etc.


GH TURBINE has a training platform built jointly with demonstration project sites, providing multi-level technical training for customer’s operation and maintenance team, including theoretical knowledge, product design, operation and maintenance procedure, workshop visit, practical operation of control system, etc.
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