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Successful Development of the First Domestic H-25 Gas Turbine
DATE:2023-1-12 0:00:00    Editor:Admin

On January 12th in 2023, the first domestic H-25 gas turbine unit trial-produced by CSIC Longjiang GH Gas Turbine Co., Ltd. passed the full speed and full load test verification, and all indicators such as functions and performances met the expected requirements, reaching the manufacturing level of the same type of unit imported from Japan.

The H-25 gas turbine, designed by Mitsubishi Corporation, has outstanding advantages such as good performance, low emissions, the longest overhaul interval, and strong fuel adaptation. It has sold approximately 200 sets globally, with a cumulative operation of more than 8.3 million hours, and has achieved good application performance and reputation in the global gas turbine market with the same power level

At the end of March 2019, GH TURBINE and Mitsubishi Corporation officially signed the TLA for H-25 gas turbine in Beijing. In May 2019, the localization project was officially launched. After three years, GH TURBINE completed FAI certification for all manufacturing and assembly of the first domestic H-25 gas turbine (excluding thermal components) in October 2022. Subsequently, the installation, commissioning and testing were completed in only three months.    The successful trial production of the first domestic H-25 gas turbine not only enriches the gas turbine product sequence of GH TURBINE, but also lays a solid foundation for domestic development of hot end components of this type of unit. Meanwhile, GH TURBINE will actively expand the domestic and international market for distributed energy, industrial power generation, low calorific value fuel gas using this type of unit, to provide customers with a series of services including installation, commissioning, and after-sales service to meet the comprehensive needs of the market.

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