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DATE:2023-5-29 0:00:00    Editor:Admin

May 25th -26th in 2023, CSIC Longjiang GH Gas Turbine Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in 2023 International Turbine Technology Conference (TURBINE TECH 2023) in Shanghai.

During the“Gas Turbine”forum, Mr. Zhang Kaihong, senior project manager of system integration center of GH TURBINE, delivered a speech titled “Independent Development & Experiment Research of Small and Medium Mobile Gas Turbine Power Station”, focusing on market application and technical requirements of mobile gas turbine power station. The presentation introduced independent development and experiment research process of 25 MW gas turbine mobile power station of GH TURBINE, and shared key technologies such as compact design technology of the set auxiliary system, rapid disassembly and maintenance technology , test verification, and demonstrated the achievements of GH TURBINE in the field of mobile gas turbine power station.

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