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As a leading gas turbine supplier in China, GH TURBINE can provide EPC solutions for customers in power generation field, including fesibility research, engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning, maintenance and training.

EPC Project of Weizhou Terminal Waste Heat Recovery Power Station
● CNOOC's first gas turbine waste heat recovery power station
● A high-efficiency utilization system for exhaust waste heat of six sets of gas turbine generators has been built, and the thermal efficiency has increased by more than 10%
● A seawater-freshwater circulating cooling system is constructed, which solves the contradiction between the large amount of cooling water consumed by the waste heat recovery power station system and the shortage of fresh water resources, and realizes zero consumption of local fresh water
● Equipped with SCR system for gas turbine exhaust. The denitration efficiency is over 90% and the NOx reduced to below 50mg/Nm3, which meets the requirements of national and local environmental protection standards

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