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Comprehensive solution of biomass energy utilization

Adopt advanced biomass energy utilization technology to provide customers with digital, green, low-carbon, energy-saving and emission-reduction solutions, solve environmental pollution and achieve a win-win situation for all of investors, project areas and upstream and downstream industries.

Biomass natural gas project takes organic waste from agriculture and animal husbandry as raw material, and produces green and clean biogas through fermentation and purification. At the same time, biogas residue and biogas slurry produced in the fermentation process can produce organic fertilizer. It can be coupled with other energy equipment (biogas boiler, internal combustion engine, gas turbine, etc.) to create a "Cold, Heat and Power" comprehensive energy cogeneration mode to systematically meet the energy demands of users.

Guanghan (Shangzhi) Straw Bio-natural Gas Project
● Strong adaptability of raw materials,such as crop straws, mushroom bags, livestock manure
● Efficient process: Advanced fermentation technology and biological strains are adopted with continuous biomass fermentation process and high efficiency of biogas conversion.
● 0 emission and 0 pollution: Unique biogas slurry recycling process,without any biogas slurry waste.
● Green circular economy: Bio-natural gas and bio-organic fertilizer as core products to build a regional green circular economy mode.
● Fast construction: Through digital and modular design, combined with mature and advanced technology, new projects can be quickly replicated.

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