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CGT25 Gas turbine

CGT25 gas turbine is a model developed by 703RI for industrial application. It is developed through lots of improving design based on original engine introduced from Ukraine in the 1990s . It has been localized totally and applied for mechanical drive, industrial power generation, emergency and standby power. Output power of this model is 26.7MW, while efficiency is 36.5% . It could operate on a liquid fuel or gas fuel.  Also, it is easily for maintenance and operation, and has well performance at variable loads.  

Rating Power, MW26.7/26.2
Efficiency, %36.5/36.3
Fuel typeGas/diesel/dual
Exhaust Temp, ℃480/471
Exhaust Flow, kg/s89
Output speed, rpm3270~5000/3000~3600
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