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SGT-500 Three-shaft Industrial Gas Turbine

SGT-500 three-shaft Industrial Gas Turbine is light weight, high efficiency, heavy duty Gas Turbine. It can offers stable operation within the range of 15- 20MW and adaptable to various kinds of fuels. SGT-500 Gas Turbine is a proven unit applied both in industrial power generation and mechanical driver fields, which can offer optimum power- weight ratio as a factory assembled gas turbine unit. Moreover, SGT-500 has successfully passed the comprehensive test program of heavy oil marine application.
Rating Power, MW 19.3/19.06
Efficiency, % 34.2/33.7
Fuel type Gas/diesel/dual
Exhaust Temp, ℃ 369
Exhaust Flow, kg/s 97.9
Output speed, rpm 3450/3600
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