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SGT-700 Industrial Gas Turbine

SGT-700 industrial Gas Turbine is the improved version of typical SGT-600 with higher output and is able to provide more power. SGT-700 Gas Turbine is proud of its simple cycle power as 31.21MW and thermal efficiency as 36.4% under fuel gas base load condition. Dual- shaft unit is applicable in power generation and mechanical drive field, with long-life service cycle, available on-site maintenance and a wide range of fuel components (from liquid fuel to gas), the compact arrangement makes SGT-700 adaptable to be improved and employed on offshore platforms and Floating Production Storage and Off-loading(FPSO) vessels.
Rating Power, MW 33.67/32.82
Efficiency, % 38.2/37.2
Fuel type Gas/diesel/dual
Exhaust Temp, ℃ 533
Exhaust Flow, kg/s 95
Output speed, rpm 6500
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