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SGT-750 Gas Turbine

As the newly developed Siemens gas turbine product, SGT-750 is equipped with the 4th generation dry low emission technology dual fuel burners, which ensures the unit with excellent combustion efficiency and emission performance. The rated power is 37MW and the simple cycle efficiency is 40%, adaptable to industrial power generation and mechanical drive field. The period between two major overhauls is up to 68000 EOH, with high operation reliability and on site maintainability, SGT750 can offer long-term and continuous operation.
Rating Power, MW 38.19/37.03
Efficiency, % 40.7/39.5
Fuel type Gas/diesel/dual
Exhaust Temp, ℃ 459
Exhaust Flow, kg/s 114.2
Output speed, rpm 3050~6405/6100
Application MD/E
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