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Service concept

  • With the service concept of sincerity, profession, high quality and high efficiency, we provide thoughtful service to win customers’ satisfaction.
  • Service prescription: 24 hours7 days, with telephone consultation and technical support all day long, with the fastest speed of response to meet customers’ needs.
  • Service team: the engineer service team of gas turbine machinery, electric, auto-controlling and other related major with regular strict training and assessment which have sturdy professional theoretical knowledges, rich operation practice experience, full passion of work and rigorous working attitude will provide you the technical service for all the whole day and the whole process.
  • In addition, the technical team in the department of research and development, producing, integrating and others in the Guanghan Gas Turbine Company is the strong rear technical support for every field service engineer.

Field service

  • Field installation, debugging and testing of gas turbine unit and equipment;
  • Running security and trouble shooting of each system of maintenance,electric and auto-controlling;
  • Routine preventive maintenance of gas turbine equipment;
  • Replacement of the the site engine and its accessory equipment;
  • Evaluation of operation state and trend analysis of the site units;
  • The upgrade of units.Upgrading the units with new technology and new equipments according to customer demands,to improve the performance and the reliability.

Spare parts

 In same time of providing professional technical service to customers,we provide the supplying service of the gas turbine units, including the scope of the supply of the spare parts in the contract and the complement of the spare parts in the life period of the units. Through our production and supply channels, we can guarantee the quality standard, reliable performance and the cost as low as possible.The types of the spare parts supplying includes each subsystem and equipment.

Operational maintenance and major repairment

 The Guanghan Gas Turbine Company not only has the ability of research and development and creating the gas turbine products,but also takes the major repairment of the units as one of the main businesses.Now we have invest in the construction of the professional major repairing workshops.Its team of experts,repair equipments,production conditions and other resources of software and hardware are provided with favourable ability of major repairment.Now we have developed multi type of business of units repairing and major repairment.We will improve and promote continuously in the major repair business to provide customers the first class service of major repair and to solve troubles back at home for the customers.      
  • The yearly repairment.
  • The Medium repairment.
  • The major repairment.

The unit upgrading

Technical training

 In order to make uers to function and maintain the gas turbine products better,we provide high quality products and service and flexible technical training at the same time.The providing technical training mainly includes standard and personalized training courses.
 Standard training courses:standard training courses are applicable to the large range of technical staff to participate in.The courses provide professional and systemic technical training from the principle, structure, function, maintain and other aspects mainly with general materials, coursewares and the type of visiting and explaining the factories and outstanding teachers with expert level.We will guarantee the staff who participate in the training master the technical performance of the products, use the maintenance procedures, the matters needing attention and other related contents accurately and fast;
 Personalized training courses: according to customers’ demands, we tailor targeted  technical training plans.Based on the standard training courses, we expand the courses in the depth and breadth of gas turbine theory and practice.Make the staff who participate in the courses to know the how and why with targeted coursewares and real visiting and explaining to make them master the entire and study and apply creatively.
 The training location can be the Guanghan Gas Turbine Company or the customer site, which is arranged flexibly according to the actual needs.We can take the gas turbine related major technical training business in each fields.

Remote fault diagnosis

 Remote Monitoring and Technical SupportService(TES™)
 The Remote Monitoring and Technical Support Serviceis now using Turbine Expert System (TES™)to providediagnostic monitoring solution for optimizing theavailability of Gas turbine Plant.It’s designed to meet the changing needs of fleet asset management programs and other industries where speed and flexibility in data collection are a must. It’s based on the classification techniques of remote data transmission technology, gas turbine data recognition and expert remote support and service system.
 The benefits involved include improving safety and reliability of the turbine generator, enables efficient management, enhanced equipment assessment capabilities, ability to gain experience at a broad level, and a method to apply best practices technical support for repair and maintenance, reducing the operation costs, service and maintenance platform to run the security and economic level.
 The TES™ system provide high quality service for:
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • HSE Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Predictive Recommendations
  • Alert Notifications System
  • Certified Condition Assessment
  • Operation Summary Reports
 The system is the first real sense of the gas turbine remote diagnostics and support systems of China. The TES™ is in a leading position in the country.      
 The Service has been used for:
 CNOOC Off-Shore Platform GTG Power Plant
 CNPC Yandun Station Gas Turbine Driven Compressor
 CNPCI Iran North Azadegan GTG power plant

Customer support

 The scope of our customer service is as mentioned above.It includes field service security, the supply of spare parts,major repairment of the units, technical training, remote fault diagnosis and other items. In addition to the above services which can be supplied alone,we wish to provide the solution of all life period integrated security of the gas turbine products to solve the long period service security demands after the customer units put into operation.
 Through the demonds of different customers and the supply of different products,we plan the human and material resources of the customers overall. Relying on the powerful service team and other security conditions of the Guanghan Gas Turbine Company,we tailor targeted life period security scheme for the customers.
 Through the performance of the life period security service contract,we can solve a series of comprehensive demands of operating and maintening and repairing the products,and we can budget and master the repair cost of the units during the operation effectively,to make the company have a better profit space.      
  • The feasible study of earlier stage of project.
  • Tailor designs to meet the needs of the project.
  • Supplying and repairing service with flexible range and various projects.
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